GLASGOW@Hand – 1st prize international jury vote “Urban-promogiovani6 Award”

Glasgow@Hand Team

Project Description:

A Century ago, Glasgow was famous for its top-class shipbuilding industry. This meant large quarters of housing for shipyard working community. From the 1950’s, these often run-down, unhealthy and overcrowded neighbourhoods were the object of large-scale clearances. In their place stands the M8 Motorway, an elevated, high-speed road driving directly through the City Centre.
While the purpose of the M8 was that of connecting the post-World War II urban expansion to the City, the thriving local communities disappeared. As a result, a once vibrant area now stands derelict and desolate.
Glasgow@Hand seeks to convert the M8 into an underground tunnel integrated with improved train connections, and the adjacent Expressway into an urban boulevard. This ambitious plan calls for new train stations, integrated transportation hubs and a new bus exchange.
The reclamation of the historical fabric and the creation of a fine-grained street network and new bridges across the Clyde will link the area within and outwith, ensuring movement to and through the area. These novel new connections will serve as catalysts for development while proposals for improved neighbourhood life and for strengthening local assets will foster a genuine sense of community.
With its attention on affordable public housing and many green initiatives, the project will capitalise on the history and location of this long-forgotten area and finally create a sustainable and durable urban district.

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