Intergenerational Centre Ljubljana – Menzioni d’onore “Urban-promogiovani6 Award”

A Spatial Platform for Social Connections and a Catalyst of Urban Regeneration

Project Description:

Neighbourhood ŠS-6 in Ljubljana is an example of socialist-era housing built in the late 1960’s. At that time, the modern urban concept, based on C. Perry’s neighbourhood unit, integrated a variety of building types into a self-contained residential community hosting diverse functions (schools, nurseries, public services ...). The master plan by J. Volk et al. has not been fully executed, leaving a vacant space in the middle of the site. Today, the neighbourhood struggles with contemporary social needs: insufficient facilities for the elderly and other vulnerable groups, ineffective traffic systems and poorly used areas. The solution for regeneration lies within an innovative urban model called an intergenerational centre - a new, socially-inclusive concept that integrates all three generations into the social care for vulnerable groups, especially the elderly. The intergenerational centre Ljubljana unites households, hospice care, sheltered and social housing, nurseries, a restaurant and other services. Besides being a sustainable and energy-efficient urban complex, the key guideline was to create a positive living environment by planning the green areas, not only on the ground, but also on the roof of the centre. The triangular spiral shape of the complex allows the green park to continuously flow from the ground to the top deck and enables wheelchair access and introduces the idea of the roof garden as a spatial platform for intergenerational cooperation.

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