Castiadas Urban Transformation

Specialization of services and enhancement of touristic vocation

Project Description:

The aim of this work is to do a urban trasformation of a tourist and rural area. Castiadas is characterized by five townships very distant within them. A problem is how to connect this township and ensure its developement. The strategy proposed is to improve their different vocation so each one is able to become a strong attractor. To realize this purpouse, a Service Plan is made that is able to deploy services into the territory. The five townships are divided into a system of three townships and two individual townships. The system is characterized by a sportive pole, an element of Urban connection characterized by Social housing to ensure residentiality, and a administrative pole. Another township became the cultural pole in which there is the old prison and another became a tourist and social pole, and in these cases a specific picture plan is made. The masterplan is based in a linear park that connects town and sea following a river. Different attractors are located into this Park in a way to make this area interesting for tourism during all year. There are historical tracks to increase the landscape’s knowledge, fruiction areas that valorize tipical agrifood, and general services. A light metro transport system connects with roundabouts at different points of the area. All actions must be innovative and take advantage of the Sustainable Energy in order to become a smart city.

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