Lighting Opportunities

Reconquering Water - Regenerating Spaces

Project Description:

The urban project we made is about the requalification of part of the port of Ancona. The first step was to analyse the urban context, deducing summaries that enabled us to understand the characteristics of the city. The peculiarity of the morphology, the historical evolution, the green spaces and the rank of streets are the key elements of the structure. They are part of the structural masterplan whose aim is to recognise the urban shape, allowing to guide the development organically. The structure is composed by many tiles. Each tile has some performances for the future regenerations. The evolution of the structure by stages allows to know how the development occurs in the future years. Our project works as an engine for the further transformation, for this reason it is considered as the lighting of opportunities. Later, we decided to work with the lights of the city (main component that strongly marks all the ports worldwide). The topic is part of the whole work. The purpose of the project is to requalify a strategic place for the city, the one around the Mole Vanvitelliana, providing a system of new public spaces and functions better in quality. The strength of our proposal lies in its simplicity and in the choice of the lights as our theme. The logo is emblematic: around the Mole, with its pentagonal shape there are some landmarks (belvedere, piers..). They are ideally the lights that guides the ships entering the port, but in this case they are lights for people.

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