A new green link between city and river

Project Description:

The Project deals with the former gas production of Matinha in the West of Lisbon. Current master plans proposed to demolish the existing structures except of the four gas tanks to establish a dense housing area. But during analysis it became clear that the task needs to be handled with a wider focus. That is why the project REconnect suggests a new superior greenway which becomes a strong backbone for the whole district of Matinha. The strategy of the plan is not to erase its landscape structures and industrial heritage, instead to use them as a strong basis for the transformation.

The new park at the riverside is basically set up by two levels due to its morphological conditions. The upper intensively part provides space for neighborhood gardening, sport fields and cultural events at the central square and even inside the transformed gas tanks. In contrast the lower extensively part retains its wild character and offers a unique scenery for urban arts. New footbridges guarantee a good accessibility to the park, for example to overcome the former separative railways in the west. The new central panorama walk with stairways connects the main square to the arts park and the riverside promenade. The existing buildings along the riverside are reused for gastronomies, ateliers and workshops. By these interventions the former industrial area becomes a strong part within the new reconnecting greenway and gains an essential function in the citys structure.

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