ReThink Santa Ana

Revitalization of the Santa Ana district, Panam√° City

Project Description:

The Santa Ana district, the main social and commercial center of Panama City, has a great tourism potential and unique cultural identity. Over the years she has lost its central role and its historical identity, because of the deterioration of public spaces. The difficult social conditions of the population, generated by poverty and low levels of education, puts Santa Ana in the lower level of the socio-economic standings, and together with the reduction of the population, has the highest number of "lotes Baldios" (forgotten lots) of the country. Individuate the potential and the problems of the area, it is proposed a strategy for the transformation of the area. The proposal refers to the recovery of public spaces, through a sustainable action, addressed the needs of citizens, in order to redefine an important civic space, increasing the accessibility of the area. The project, stretches to the neighboring districts of San Felipe and El Chorrillo creating an axis that runs through the most important public spaces and using the "lotes Baldios" present, promoting the pedestrian and the creation of parking spaces to reduce the use of cars, improving the socio-cultural dimension of the territory, the local economy, proposing a series of activities and workshops for young people of the neighborhood. The project tries to give some solutions, suggesting an architectural and urban transformation that would allow Santa Ana to regain its social centrality, cultural and economic.

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