Project Description:

The neighbourhood of Secondigliano is the result of urban expansion which started in the seventeenth century and is closely linked to the growing importance of "Corso Secondigliano", a historical link road between Naples and the hinterland. This expansion continued at a constant pace until the 1950s. In this period, the rationale of joining heterogeneous urban parts through "Corso Secondigliano" is confirmed by a series of residential projects, which were followed by a period of building speculation. The project’s area with Carreto and Boscariello barracks is rooted in this context and represents an empty space without any ambition of an urban plan. The existing buildings were used as guidelines for the project. The barracks’ plan provides a regular layout in which the whole new buildings find place. The ordered plan of the area rapports with the surrounding city, its streets, buildings and urban exceptions through border areas that were carefully drawn. Indeed, the border on Via Miano, another historical street of Naples, is characterised by linear residential buildings, which create a continuous curtain. On the other hand, the border on Via Ciccotti, a typically modern and oversized roadway, is conceived as a linear park with tower buildings.

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