The places of Puglia’s aqueduct: from a state of neglet and decay to a new territorial identity.

AQC_Cycling Aqueduct

Project Description:

The idea underlying the recovery process of the Apulian aqueduct places is to "double" the water supply flow rate, with the creation of a “cyclo – pedestrian flow”, overlapping the underneath water flow; thus is possible to add a revitalizing human flow to the vital utility of water supply of this infrastructure. This is the case of Alta Murgia, seat of a National Park, dotted with a farms, poste and jazzi, real trace left on the territory from the ancient practice of transhumance, with their high and forgotten identity value. The functional reinterpretation of the aqueduct buildings, today in a state of decay, makes possible the idea of '' Cycling Aqueduct " and allows to think the new roles for the older actors of the landscape. All the elements provided by the context, help then to define the multifunctional modules behind the aqueduct track and its replicability along its whole of extension. In this sense among waterman’s houses, farms, jazzi and poste it is possible to find an adequate cycle-assistance, in support of the project, and new cultural circuits that interact with the new track and draw from it a new lifeblood. The guidelines for the recovery of buildings – which is an outcome of the study of the Masseria di Pietre Tagliate - and the identification of key actions to convert the detractors in possible attractions - explicated in the study of a quarry conversion in an agricultural park - are the first step in order to convert an utopia into a real challenge.

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