Accessibility is Involvement

New sustainable strategies for suburbia reconnection and development

Project Description:

Milan and its 4th municipality have been analyzed within the criterion of accessibility. The urban context becomes accessible when it works through the cooperation of its components and if it allows everybody to take part in its urban functioning. Urban functioning is the synergy of possibilities of the city, which exists when the urban elements work together like an organic tissue with different cooperating elements.

The parameters of the analysis are related to green, transportation, services, identity and multifunctionality. The result is a qualitative radiography of Milan, which overlaps the five layers of accessibility to a structural diagram: the lighter an area appears, the higher the accessibility; while darker ones have a low functioning.

The consequent project of a new accessible neighborhood relies on aggregation places, efficient connections, permeability, a qualitative green and community services. The area lies on the edge between the city and and the countryside and represents today a degraded and marginalized context. The project creates a link between the existing social housing (quartiere Omero) and the countryside (Parco Agricolo sud), implementing new mixed-use residences and services such as schools, an auditorium and an urban market. Accessibility and permeability are enhanced by the penetration of the green system towards the existing, through the connection of public and private spaces with an accurate scaling for pedestrian and bikes.

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