Hey! There is history

The sense of memory

Project Description:

The project reinterprets the link between the old fishing village of Pescarenico and water. Not only an exercise of historical memory but also a common reflection on how the city can today interpret itself and its spaces. The first goal is to restore the relationship that Pescarenico had with the water in the past. One part of the village gets into the lake, through a pier, on the other side the lake creates a channel in it. The path that connects the SS. Materno and Lucia church and the water is coloured by a blue lane. It contains quotes from the novel of Promessi Sposi, historical photo, some new shops like atelier and pop up elements inspired by the shape of typically boats “Lucie”. Thanks to these interventions you can read the waterfront as connection between present and past. Some buildings are redefined such as ex Icam area, converted from a dismantled chocolate factory into a building with diverse functions to attract the majority of city users. A distinctive sign of the area will remain the Icam tower with its banner “cioccolato” as reference to the past and landmark of the village. Inbetween the destinations there are the chocolate market, the exhibition space "Alessandro Manzoni", a residence for students and finally a coworking space. An “albergo diffuso” is thought for the tourist accessibility of the place that spreads across the historical centre. To ensure a good management of the “albergo diffuso” a coordination centre is introduced, close to the parking.

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