Il Chilometro Zero

Between city and nature reserve

Project Description:

"Chilometro Zero" is an italian way to indicate the "from farm to table" phenomenon, aspect which becomes particularly interesting in the moment we try to reinforce the primary sector in Sardinia, land which has its roots and its tastes on it. Farm to table agriculture allows to buy products without having to go through intermediaries in the agri-food chain. The products ay Km0 can’t exceed 70Km from where they are products. There are many advantages: economic (chipper prices, industrial chain is broken, less steps more typs), ambiental (emission reduction CO2, depleted water management, biodiversity protection), qua-litative (certifications as IGP, DOC, DOP), social (re-affirming the country market model, creating new aggregation points, engaging local stakeholders and educating new generations about foodpro-duction). The project takes its origins starting with a strong sign: a one kilometer long wall that enphasizes the clear division between city and sub-urbanpark. This element regulates the entrances and develops modular buildings which contain different services, the real soul of the park. From the production-sale-promotion cycle of the agricultural sector, it takes place an exchange hub (market’s spaces, a restourant and an event area) and an educational center farm. This centre creates a network focused in a new brand, indeed “Ilchilometrozero”, which finds his identification in the wall, that takes a social meaning of inclusion.

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