Oreto River Park

Urban Waves Group

Project Description:

The project area is located in the second district of Palermo, near the coast of the city. We chose to operate in this area following topics related to energy, sustainability and environment regeneration, key themes for a contemporary city and equally important to transform a territory crossed by a river. In addition to the recovery and re-naturalization of the river, its banks and mouth, the project considers the introduction of new mediterranean vegetation, shared gardens and orchards planned that would allow the residents to produce their favorite agricultural products, in order to encourage their enjoyment of the park. It must be underlined that the water used for irrigation is fueled by various phyto-purification cycles. One of the most important choices of the project is to include few buildings, each one with no more than 4/5 elevations above ground, in order not to cause a strong environmental impact, the last floors in particular are enriched by green roofs. According to what was said before, it was decided to keep some buildings in the area of the former Gasometer and to convert them to accommodate the functions of the new energy district. The area, which has a width of approximately 33,000 square meters, will become a district provided with solar panels, small wind farms and a composting area. It is thought to displace a number of parking spaces capable to absorb the intense vehicular traffic, introducing alternative mobility ways such as pedestrian-cycle paths.

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