Sew up- Litorale Domizio

A green link view sea

Project Description:

The planning strategies aim at the upgrading of a degraded area of Naples with strong landscape potential. The natural features of the site act as a support for the social and economic development of the area and for this reason they are valued through the application of innovative and ecological environmental recovery techniques.
At the reclamation of polluted soils and the restoration of native vegetation, interventions of re-localization of the spaces are accompanied by the insertion of new commercial activities, the increase of typical production activities and the realization of public areas equipped.
The regeneration objectives of the area combined with the introduction of new functions take on an opportunity to relaunch the Domizio Coast as a new attraction pole supported by the introduction of a new mobility linking the entire territory both transversal and longitudinal through new cycle paths, electric trails for public transport and the construction of a pier with commercial and tourist docking.

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