Santa Teresa Open Neighbourhood

Project Description:

The project proposes a tactical urbanism intervention for Santa Teresa district (Pirri-Cagliari-Italy). Tactical urbanism is a tool useful for “antifragile “ urban planning methods in order to trigger bottom-up development mechanisms.
The team identified some interventions to ensure greater mobility to and from the district in order to connect it to the City of Cagliari. Opening the area is an action that influences on the quality life and on the access to the city, regardless of conditions of marginalization, and it is strategic aiming to new uses of urban spaces.
Within Santa Teresa district and Pirri municipality there are public and private collective spaces that serve as potential attractors: socio-spatial markers that could promote exchanges to and from the district.
To increase permeability a double tactical move was considered:
- Providing alternative and attractive signage to the district in order to increase the visibility of the district across the city.
- Offering an alternative mobility service called TAXIBIKE, which had been going through the streets of the neighbourhood and the city for a day.
TAXIBIKE’s goal was to connect neighbourhood residents to the rest of the city and to suggest people from Santa Teresa district for a social and/or economic activity to be developed. During the action, data and impressions were collected by citizens and processed and uploaded to the “Geotelling” portal, as a useful tool from which starting to develop new plan proposals.

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