Acri Marittima

Project Description:

The idea cames out from two fundamental premises between them complementary. The first one concerns the fruition of naturalistic heritage that from the historical centre goes through downstream towards the confluence of Calamo’s creek in the stream Mucone. The area can be reached through a pedestrian path or cable car which, starting from the inhabited area, reaches the area where students have planned the “ Bagno of Acri”, through the creation of areas that are intended for bathing and spa, picnic areas, everything for the fruition of the river also out of season. The second premise regarding revitalization of the historical centre with intervents that can give life at some buildings that actually are in a state of abandon and degradation, through the construction of a common hotel, capable of modifying and regenerating the ancient soul of the country. These two premises would allow Acri to reacquire its relationship with its river. Besides students have released furthermore a sports citadel and redesigned “Piazza Purgatorio”, intervents aimed at providing socialization initiatives.This project, of a social utility and sustainable development, has how aim that of give to Acri and neighbouring territories, a new identity connected to the sperimentation of new ways of thinking, living, exploiting a partnership between public and private, in order that the problems of youth work and of regeneration of the historical centres can became an opportunity.

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