AcRiver Valley

New life to the Valley

Project Description:

The project is located in Acri, in the province of Cosenza in Calabria, situated at the base of Sila and at the mountain of Noce. AcRiver valley is a redevelopment project of the River Mucone Valley and a strengthening project of the connections between the Old Town and and the valley.
The interventions of the project aim to preserve the natural aspect of the place. It’s expected to realize a path along the river destined for sport activities. As a consequence, it is going to resume the morphology of places and provide small and flexible refreshment points. It’s expected the redevelopment of the paths that take from Old Town to the river and the addition of proper road signs pertaining to the “wayfinding”. In order to make the place an attraction for tourists, it’s expected: the insertion of an artificial basin where the River Mucone and the River Calamo join and, through a phytodepuration system, bathing will be possible. The area is going to be a tourist attraction also thanks to an ecological and little invasive activity, the only aircraft in the world totally environmentally compatible that values the beautiful valley sight from above: hot air balloon in free or bound flight. The balloon in a bound flight (controlled ascensions from 10 to 30 m, because the balloon remains bound to the ground with special ropes tied to special ballast), permits to promote and value any type of event, beyond that the awesomeness of a flight.

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