design explorations through open and built in-between spaces

Project Description:

The public district of San Siro, in Milano, is a complex and problematic area, difficult to know and understand. It is a heterogeneous and multicultural context, where data are hard to find and each courtyard is a world apart. Therefore a long time observation was necessary, made easier by the possibility of spending several months in the neighborhood. This allowed me to know people who live in the district, to take part in some activities organized by many associations that work there, to observe how public spaces and courtyards are used. Observations that became essential starting points for the project.
A project that tries to think and work on unused and deprived micro and interstitial spaces. Interventions that if done individually could remain small isolated actions, but if connected and designed as a network, in my opinion, they could really increase the quality of life in the neighborhood. A project that also encourages new ways of cohabitation and mutual exchange between different people and that is not promoted only by the public authority but which involves inhabitants, university and associations.

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