MObility Vision Environment Safety

Project Description:

The MOVES project promotes the assessment of the Northern coastline of the city of Messina, a suggestive place that faces the Strait.
The examined area has been densely built-up in the last fifty years causing a heavy split-up between the Litoranea road (Coastal Road NR 113), along the coast, and the Panoramica road (Seesighting Road) up the hills. Infrastructures become percetpual barriers to the beach and to the Strait view.
The excessive overbuilding, has determined the lack of green spaces and the lost of free access to the coastline, breaking up the ancient relationship between city and the sea. Even though the history of Messina is marked by seismic and hydrogeological critical events, their painful memory seem to be completely forgotten in view of the today urban shape of the area.
MOVES (MObility, Vision, Environment, Safety) project is based on four systems (infrastructures and sustainable mobility, cultural heritage, ecology and environment, Safety and protection of the enviromnent) whose aim is to recreate a continuity accross the two main roads (Litoranea and Panoramica) with a connection system between Waterfront and Landfront and some resilient actions of recovery and reuse. The proposed connection rediscovers and heighten three intermediate cultural hubs (Grotte, Papardo and Ganzirri) and reconnects the two main cultural hub (Annunziata and Capo Peloro) creating two cultural centers through the enhancement of the MUME and of the MACHO.

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