Project Description:

Defined during 12 days at the university workshop “Pescara Summer School 2015”, the project want to convert a strategic area in Pescara. This area in past was used as a freight yard near Portanuova station (2nd Pescara station) now abandoned, important for connecting both the Adriatic and Trans_Apennine railway line.
Near this area there are a lot important attractions such as the court, the university anche a big park how invite people to use often Portanuova station. So this vast area of freight yard is a potential place of passage and connection.

The site is an embankment of about 8 meters in height. The first design idea was to model the ground, both to re-evoke the concept of "movement" to preserve the historical function, both to create access to different shares.

The objective is to create a new urban centrality for cultural and commercial exchange, able to catalyze various areas within it: from crafts to agriculture.
In particular there are craft workshops in which, through ridiculous rents and free workshops, community is created: the craftsman lives, produces, sells and educates in his shop.
In the same way, to regard the agriculture, was created a Production Park, used by the neighbours. Useful for people (new opportunity) and at the administration how leave menagment and maintenance by local agricultural associations, which offer the community an innovative service through the sale of organic products and interactive courses.

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