Online voting occurred from 24 to 31 March 2022.

Find out the winning projects of the URBANISTICA Prize 2022

The ceremony of the Award will take place at the next edition of Urbanpromo.

We thank everyone for participating!


On the occasion of Urbanpromo URBANISTICA, INU’s statutory magazine published since 1930, launched a competition to award the URBANISTICA Prize.

The Prize is awarded to the projects exhibited in the event that participants most appreciated with their votes. The award ceremony is held at the following edition of Urbanpromo.

The voting categories consist of the most important themes in contemporary urban planning:


    Reduction of land consumption and ecological compensation, redevelopment of disused or underused real estate assets, promotion of cultural and environmental assets, and renovation of urban suburbs are just some of the objectives we now entrust to the broader definition of regeneration. The category rewards urban projects and urban plans that promote sustainable urban development declined in environmental, economic or social terms.


    These years we see the progress of technological solutions to support an increasing digital city. The category aims to bring out the most innovative proposals for efficient and sustainable mobility, waste recycling, renewable energies, urban safety and emergency management.


    Housing and work, the primary needs of humans, are today charged with new meanings. The competition section selects projects that translate into architectural and urban terms the requests coming from a society that claims new housing services for social cohesion and community integration, spaces for evolved productions and digital professions.


Joining Urbanpromo’s online Gallery allows participation in the competition for the URBANISTICA Prize.

Visitors to Urbanpromo anonymously express their preferences by filling out the voting form provided by the event’s organizing office.

The URBANISTICA Prize is awarded to the top three projects in each of the three voting categories.

Each year the winning projects are published in URBANISTICA, the historic magazine of the National Institute of Urban Planning, which was founded in 1933 and is available in all libraries of the University Departments of Architecture and Engineering.