Conscious of the need to equip the IRCCS of Meldola a proper foothold for the more than 3,000 cancer patients who come each year from outside the region, the Institute itself, the municipality of Meldola and Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì have shared the idea of rifunzionalizzare the unused former orphanage San Giuseppe.

The project is followed by the SGR Polaris, which manages the Social Housing Fund of the Emilia Romagna region (which includes the Fondazione di Forlì), which acquired the property with the ultimate goal of sell the IRCCS. The project involves the construction of 30 housing units and 8 surgeries for intra-moenia activity of doctors of IRCCS. The closeness between the two structures will also support forms like “at home”, further easing the stress of the patients.