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Urbanpromo is a cultural event about urban regeneration, intended as a process of strategies, policies and actions, aimed at creating a sustainable urban development. The XII edition of Urbanpromo is set to Europe 2020.

Urbanpromo is the ideal seat to:

  • experience and present innovative projects and experiences;
  • comprehend the peculiarities of the new approaches to problems related with urban planning, real estate and social systems;
  • create the conditions for investment projects in public-private partnerships;
  • establish relations with representatives of the government and public administration, private companies, universities, research institutes and professional offices.

Urbanpromo offers the possibility of an advanced update to directors, business people, professionals and researchers on the most important issues of the Italian and international scene.

Urbanpromo covers the main aspects of urban regeneration through an intensive program of conferences, an exhibition of projects and some publications of national circulation;

some of the main themes are: the activation of investment by public-private partnerships, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, the assesment of real estate assets, social housing, the private financing for public works, the real estate taxation and the eventualities of the property market.






Urbanpromo is promoted by INU – National Institute of Urban Planning (public authority of technical coordination characterized by highbrow culture) and it is organised by Urbit – Italian City Planning. The latter is an INU operative society for the implementation of cultural events and consultancy services, and it is a nonprofit system: contingent gains contribute only to support the INU cultural activites.

URBIT President, Director, Members of the executive board, technical committee and various regional delegates, conduct an unpaid and gratuitous activity. They have only documented reimbursement of expenses, defined by cheapness standard. The specific initiative “Urbanpromo Social Housing” is held by a Promoting Committee, a Scientific and a Technical one.



Board of directors:

President: Stefano Stanghellini
Director: Iginio Rossi
Council members: Andrea Arcidiacono,
Daniela Mello, Vittorio Salmoni,
Michele Talia, Silvia Viviani


Scientific commitee:

Urban Transformation: Stefano Stanghellini
Social Housing: Franco Landini
Urban Marketing: Iginio Rossi
Smart City: Michele Talia
Energy and sustainability: Ennio Nonni
Europe 2020: Simone Ombuen
Expo 2015: Vittorio Salmoni
Urban-promogiovani: Daniela Mello


Regional contacts:

Piemonte: Elio Morino
Lombardia: Luca Imberti
Liguria: Silvia Capurro
Friuli Venezia Giulia: Martina Zanette
Emilia-Romagna: Mario Piccinini
Abruzzo: Pierluigi Properzi
Sardegna: Valeria Saiu



Urban-promogiovani: Daniela Mello, Claudia Trillo

Premio URBANISTICA: Valentina Cosmi


Luciano Vecchi, Anna Clio Belleffi