The Inter-Municipal Structural Plan (PS-i) aims to overcome the simple sum of structural plans, harmonized but managed independently. It is designed to address issues that at the municipal scale do not find effective solutions and for which an integrated programming is desirable.

The two municipalities belong to the metropolitan area of Florence. There are infrastructures and services of metropolitan rank such as university, high speed, highways, airport.
To counter the consumption of soil The PS-i establishes the protection of rural areas of hills and plains, does not provide for the expansion of urbanized territory, favoring the regeneration of areas already settled.

Strategic issues identified by the inter-municipal plan:

  • City and production: spaces for new work;
  • Services: places of excellence;
  • Polycentrism: widespread quality of settlements, in environmental and social terms;
  • Accessibility: an interconnected system to meet mobility needs;
  • Open territory as lived space.