The innovations introduced by LR n. 65/2014 have imposed a rethinking of urban planning at different levels, supporting the need to arrive at a new form of territorial coordination of policies and instruments oriented towards a common statutory and prospective vision.

The new regional law has launched therefore to the “territories-joint”, that is to the contexts- as the pisana area -attractive for functions of rank and relations extra-local, the challenge of building through the Intercommunal Structural Plan a tool capable of governing the urban and socio-economic dimension of the territory by defining a “project reserve” to be used for the purpose of bringing together private resources for the implementation of high-quality city projects and public resources from the new European planning cycle (PNRR).

These quality requirements of the public plan represent a guarantee of the same quality for the conception and implementation of integrated and synergistic public policies and projects, resulting in cross-sectoral actions. It is on these assumptions that the PSI of the municipalities of Pisa and Cascina is founded, a tool that in the framework of the protection and enhancement of the territorial heritage, promotes six land projects that combine in an integrated vision intersectoral aspects such as hydraulic risk management, intermodality, landscape, rural land and environment management, economic development.