The Research Project wander result winner of the Call “Projects of Research Groups 2020” with funds POR FESR Lazio 2014-2020, examines the territories of the Lazio Region defined by different dimensions of “fragility” (declined in physical and spatial marginalization, as well as economic and social), but marked by a historical-cultural, naturalistic and landscape potential of value often remained dormant.

The Project integrates different thematic approaches coming from the experiences of the two research partners, the Laboratory of Road Infrastructure of the Department of Civil Engineering, Informatics and Aeronautical Technologies, University Roma Tre, and the Inter-departmental Research Centre, Formation Culture History of ‘Sapienza’ University of Rome and, through an interdisciplinary vision and interscalare, is confronted with a territory that must restore a balance between cities and marginal contexts.

Noting the rapid and unforeseen changes that have occurred as a result of the recent economic crises, the repercussions of climate change and the impact of the effects of the pandemic, the challenge behind the project is to provide a new model of governance for territories characterized by inconsistency and precariousness of development by developing strategies to address and support regional choices of territorial governance and encouraging interaction between local businesses and inhabitants.