The Abit@giovani project is realized by Polaris Real Estate SGR S.p.A. in the name of and on behalf of the Fondo Immobiliare di Lombardia – Comparto Uno, thanks to a proposal by Don Gino Rigoldi approved by the Regione Lombardia, Aler Milano, Fondazione Cariplo and the Fondazione Housing Sociale.

Abit@giovani is a scattered-site social housing project dedicated to young people under 35 and offers about 200 renovated apartments located in various areas of the city through a rent-to-buy contractual formula that makes it possible to acquire a home a little at a time.
The Abit@giovani project calls for the recovery of uninhabited properties dispersed around the city previously belonging to Aler (Agenzia Lombarda di Edilizia Residenziale). The initiative intends to operate with an eye towards a broader requalification of the entire complex that goes well beyond the renovation of single apartments, insofar as the contemporaneous insertion of numerous family units fosters not just a physical, but social revitalization of the building and the surrounding neighborhood.

The underlying idea of the initiative is to offer, along with the apartment, an opportunity to be part of a community of active and involved residents, on the premise that a home is a starting point for developing shared initiatives, for building relationships and collaborations among Abit@giovani residents and for cultivating neighborly relationships with other residents in the building and with all the other relevant parties in the area. Toward that end, after assigning the apartments, there will be an orientation course for Abit@giovani participants with the aim of activating housing improvement projects, as well as a web-based platform specifically designed to facilitate the achievement of these goals.

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Monica Moschini – Fondazione Housing Sociale