Bologna has adopted urban development strategies that promote the redevelopment of disused public heritage and direct private intervention towards the recovery of areas with small-medium size.

With the unitary Plan of Territorial Development (PUVaT) we have 18 places (buildings and disused areas) of public property which together occupy about 1 million sqm and offer large and diversified potential for exploitation.
From the creation of “a great platform” accessible and relevant for territorial marketing operations at a national and international scale, to enhance cultural and historical interpretation of the city; from opportunities to redesign and build whole cities, to possible disposals in a short time.

Urban planning will identify, with a suitable instrument (POC), timing and modalities for enhancing action unit as much as possible.

With the Municipal operational plan (POC) in qualification approval, we have 31 production areas, abandoned and degraded, time to regenerate. The operation concerns a total of 125,000 SM of useful surface to be allocated for the 30% to new housing, for the 50% business and 20% directional activities.

The whole operation will allow the city of 58,000 sqm facilities deliver of public space of 24,000 m2 reinvented himself for new parking lots and 14,000 sqm of new green areas. To this you add 2,500 square meters of new social housing by creating or monetizing. Monetization of urbanizations will also draw about 9 million for public works.