Social housing, retraining, co-planning, social mix: some of the keywords of the project of the Temporary Residences of Turin, made by the Housing Program in collaboration with the Pio office of the Compagnia di San Paolo and aimed at improving the urban and social landscape of central areas of the city.

Temporary residences open to persons who for different reasons and needs are temporary difficulties in housing and in their being offered a solution that is also a social proposal, with the aim of contributing to the emergence of a new housing culture.

“Luoghi Comuni” is the name chosen to indicate the project of the residences. In fact, houses are “places” for excellence but also are “common”, because in and out there are spaces where tenants can meet, talk, exchange experiences. They are “commons” because who lives there knows that each room will soon be used by other people. After the success of the residence of Porta Palazzo, the first opened in September 2013, during the, 2015 spring it opens second San Salvario district, near the Porta Nuova railway station, dating problematic territory between different ethnic groups, but also a place of exemplary laboratory of social inclusion and lively hub of young “movida” in Turin. The residence is housed in a building owned by the St. Mary’s Institute, granted 25-year loan. The restructuring has allowed to achieve 24 accommodation (mono, 10 bi, 6 tri and 2-room apartments) and common spaces, at a cost of about 5.7 million euros.
It was also restructured the existing asylum which provides an opportunity to allocate the home mainly for families with children.

In the case of Temporary residences, speak about restructuring is however limited: social housing requires projects that combine quality architecture with functionality of environments and which employ advanced solutions for energy savings and environmental sustainability.