The intervention has been realised thanks to the financing of Fondo Abitare Sostenibile Piemonte, born from an initiative of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, with the partnership of the main bank foundations of Piemonte Region. The investor, in account for the Fondo, has been “InvestireSGR SpA”.

The intervention is composed by 38 housing units located in Alba (CN). The building is composed by different typology of apartments. The maximum energy efficency and thermal insulation has been granted by several technicals chooses. There is a centralised heating system with an individual calculation of the heat expenses and a photovoltaic system. The building is provided with the most modern technologies to grant all comforts.

The offered lease has a duration of 13 years, after that term, the partner has a preemptive right on the purchase. Otherwise, the Cooperative has the possibility to directly purchase the residential unit, that start to be part of its building stock.