The housing complex is part of a bigger intervention program that involves 400 housing units in a suburb area on the North part of Via Pistoiese. A strong mix of functions defines the area, with industrial plots, private residential buildings and the presence of buildings with historical value.
The project proposes an urban scheme with low height and high housing density, with an environmental footprint that respects the continuity of the existing private residential buildings, but with innovations on the residential typology and the functional features of the complex.
The buildings for renting include 90 apartments with a small dimension, for single people or young couple, and are organized around a courtyard usable only by pedestrian.
The units are linked together by galleries that open on the inner courtyard; the inner courtyard is getting bigger on the ground floor thanks to the pilotis structural system of the buildings, giving space to the community project called “In Sala”.
The housing units are meant to be rented by families with low income, and propose an average renting fee of 400 EUR/month, with a reduction of about the 30% on normal apartments on the market, L.431/1998.