The project of the Municipality of Bari, included in the nomination of the metropolitan City to the Suburb Notice 2016, tells a piece of urban and social history of the city, is focusing on the urban regeneration of the open space in between two districts (Libertà and San Paolo). Those districts are located in the North-West area of the city, a suburb of suburb, characterized by an agglomerate of public residential buildings that need to be reconnect between each other and with the rest of the city.
The recognition of the value of the historic urban grid and of the role of the street as public space oriented the articulation of the interventions into precise actions. The goal is to connect big elements that are in use or under operation of refunctioning (ex Manifattura Tabacchi, ex Gasometro, Istituto Redentore, Chiesa di San Paolo, Parco Romita); on the other side, the interventions want to give value to the relations and proximities of the single small elements that compose the city, as a precious element to build a concept of citizenship.