The area of the ex-distillery Alc.Este is a typical brownfield site, in a typical medium Italian city context (Ferrara).
In the present situation of the market affected by the crisis, with a lack of public resources to invest, the development society Seci Real Estate (Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri) – supported by KCity, urban regeneration – is testing an innovative approach to the social-economic enhancement of the area. The goal of this approach is to find out and activate important services of general interest to start the transformation process, to give a direction to the re-functioning of the area and focus interests and partnerships. The instrument “Building Communities” is a format of process to enhance and promote the involvement of local actors and the creation of a “project community”. Together with the Municipality of Ferrara, the ex-distillery Alc.Este – property of REF society – will be a pilot case to try this format.
The path has started in April 2016 and is still under development, and it should end around February 2017.