The Cohabitat residence is a complex of 2 8-storey buildings, plus other 2 for storages and cellars. The complex is located in an area enhanced by a huge and regenerating green area. Because of its position and features, from an esthetical, functional and constructive point of view, Cohabitat can provide a superior living quality to its inhabitants.

The approach of the designers during the realisation of Cohabitat has been focused on the concept of sharing. Because of that, the buildings are provided with common spaces that helps to socialize, contributing to let every inhabitant discover the real role of a neighbour. Living in Cohabitat means being part of a new community of citizens.

Cohabitat is related with the idea of sharing, collaboration and interaction between the people that lives inside it, with an open and positive attitude between each other, and the will to live together in the same place that has been designed to enrich everyone, improving the single living experiences.