The area of intervention is an enormous empty space that is, in the fact, subject to a strong environmental downgrade process. This intervention is providing this part of the urban environment with a more coherent definition regarding the design of the city, and the goal is to give a new spatial organization to the area itself to provide it with a new value under the urban and real estate point of view. The project choices have been determined by the need of a new asset, to improve the creation of public spaces and services, with parking and green areas, that led to a new functional organization and a good living quality, with a building design that defines the spaces with architectural features that are clearly defined and easy to identify. For elderly people, the housing function assume a new significance; on one side it is inspired by principles of self-independence and autonomy, and from the other side it is strictly connected with the concepts of proximity and usability of services: social, healthcare, cultural, amusement, domestic, of mobility and company, etc… In contrast with the dualism between the property house and the nursing home, always refused by elderly people because seen as a place where life path comes to an end after the separation from the places of affection, the project is proposing the opportunity of an housing center where it is possible to concentrate and make available services and ensure a high living quality for the guests