The reuse of the complex needs to face the issue of the requalification of an important part of the city, now not in use, proposing an answer to the abandon of an urban strategic public space for the center of Faenza. The area offers great possibilities related with the availability of a huge amount of squared meters, about 18.000, with a good adaptability for the reconversion into a new function.
In 2005 born Faventia Sales, participated society that acquired the complex with the goal of using that for a function in continuity with the previous use. Economic scenarios and possibilities changed through the years, but the motivations have remained the same: “values of culture, education and formation through the Christian moral, promotion of young people and a European attitude”.
The project was not only about getting a space with a function again, but also about giving shape to a mix of activities, independent between each other’s and able to live together in a diffused “common house”, at the service of young people: community, education, sport, growth