Genova is becoming more and more touristic, and in the last years many tourists, of which about a half were coming from out of Italy, have visited it. Its artistic and architectural treasures attract tourists, as well as the palaces of the Rolli –that this year are celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the UNESCO recognition-, the biggest medieval center of Europe with churches, towers and fortifications, the “Botteghe Storiche” that are guardian of ancient tradition of food and craftsmanship.

Its cultural excellences must be continuously enhanced through events and dedicated projects. Concerning the Palazzi dei Rolli, for example, since years they are the location of the festival “Rolli Days”, two or three weekends per year, on which several public and private palaces open their doors to the public. The appointment with the elegant houses of the Genovese aristocracy of the XVI and XVII century, that were the home of kings, princes, ambassadors and international delegations visiting Genova, is one of the most important for the city and in the three editions of 2016, there has been more than 250.000 visitors.

Also the botteghe storiche, “a diffused and alive museum”, a place that the people of Genova love as well as the tourists, are a product of excellence: in 2011 has been created a register that has received the subscription of 32 shops. Thanks to that, the shops have been made part of the touristic itineraries with dedicated tour and personalized itineraries, promoting them on the social media with a Twitter and Facebook account, a dedicated website ( and new digital ways of communication.

More than the enhancing of the cultural heritage of the city, the goal is to find new resources that characterize the landscape-territory, agricolture, environment, food, involving also the new technologies. For example the “4D” visors, that can be adapted to every smartphone and make it possible to visualize promotional movies of the territory of Liguria Region, realised in 3D with immersive technology from the Region itself. A new and pleasant way to promote the attractive points of the territory.
Everything is finalised to make Genova a city that is always “More than this”.