Art and urbanism come together in a union for the redevelopment of the urban transformation of the existing city.
In Faenza, the MAP project triggers urban art as a source of identity of great public interest and activates new energies for the regeneration of urban spaces. The museum, constantly in progress, brings together more than 70 works of art located in the city according to a precise urban project (already introduced in the Structural Plan of Faenza approved in 2010) to make Faenza increasingly attractive and culturally recognizable, while also offering an example of how, through art installations, you can raise the quality and recognition of peripheral urban areas and skillfully integrate the quality of the most historical ones. In this way, the MAP exceeds the concept of temporary exhibition, relegated in confined spaces, and the city becomes the ideal container, at the sight of all, without baffles.
When the experience of art (of beauty), from occasional turns into daily, innovative synergies are released. The goal is to generate amazement that you feel when you visit an old town full of architectural buildings, sculptures, paintings.