REBUS® is a simulation game workshop conceived by the Emilia-Romagna Region for urban regeneration, it focuses on climate proof and nature-based solutions for urban heat islands mitigation and sustainable urban rainwaters management.
The workshop focussed on the public spaces transformation of three high-density neighborhoods. The districts were chosen for their different urban morphology: two industrial areas in Parma and Modena, respectively from the first half of the XX century and the Post-Second World War period; large areas in the city centre with parking facilities and open-air market in Rimini.
The teams – made of architects, urban planners, agronomists, landscape designers, engineers and public administration technicians – developed a project with specific solutions for each district:
• implementing functional green areas and planting trees along streets, in squares and parks to create a continuous and contiguous green infrastructure to mitigate summer temperatures;
• de-paving the exceeding asphalt, replacing it with permeable surfaces, rain gardens, retention basins and flood ditches to manage enhanced precipitations events in situ;
• replacing paving surfaces giving priority to the hard materials with higher albedo to reduce heat absorption;
• demolishing parts of the denser urban pattern, restoring parks and public spaces.
The proposed transformations, measured with the software Envimet, reduced perceived temperatures, proving to be effective in terms of climate mitigation and adaptation.
Politecnico di Milano and CNR Ibimet Bologna were partners of REBUS®, as part of the European project Republic Med.