Giovinazzo is a small town in N-W Metro Bari city with a population of 20,278 inhabitants approximately. And ‘situated 20 km from Bari and its coast stretches for 10.61 Km. With the advent of industrialization, the giovinazzese economy experienced in the early twentieth century economic growth due to the installation of the steelworks and Ferrieri Pugliesi localized south of the rail line Bari-Barletta and adjacent to an important site protection landscaping as Lama Castle (under art. 142 paragraph 1, lett. c) of Legislative Decree no. 42/2004) .With the steel crisis in the late 70 closed it giovinazzese plant, leaving the surrounding areas polluted by residues of the steel works. LAMA CASTELLO, downtown NE is one of these areas, whose reclamation project, divided into two lots, one of which was completed in January 2016 and the other in the process of procurement, it aims to recover part of the territory to its original natural glory, reinserting the nature that exist and that the economic boom of the 60s did disappear. A N-W promenade “Italian Army” subject to consolidation effort through a first project funded and nearing completion, and another being defined for consolidation work to be extended still further N-W. The absence of measures would lead to the collapse of a historic waterfront which has more than 70 years. By Dalla LAMA CASTELLO until WATERFRONT ITALIAN NAVY is a GREENWAY that crosses the town was designed. The idea of greenway goes beyond that of a simple cycle path (with which it is often confused). In the case of Giovinazzo, the greenway starts from ” LAMA CASTELLO ” and runs through the city, conceived as an abandoned place in terms of quality of life, so to be recovered using the possible pathways, involving the countryside, the sea, the rocky places archaeological, industrial archeology, etc.