The new waterfront of Termoli comprehend the new PRP and the urban regeneration of the center. The PRP born from the Guide Lines of the Regione Molise and from the contents shared by other Administrations and by the users. The dimension of the layout solve the problem of the progressive burying of the harbor and, thanks to the extension organized in phases, it also solves the future needs of the operators. The new distribution of functions and services improve the relationships between the activities of the harbor and the borgo marinaro. The goal of making order and enhancing the quality of the city is left to the loop-parking system; the project is also useful to the sustainable mobility system of the area, designed basing on the perceptive and functional regeneration of the places, that become places for aggregation and attraction instead of being spaces pf degrade or used as car parking. The value of the recovered historical matrix of the center is enhanced by underground volumes with receptive and commercial function, and by a new place of culture and service for the city.