The Osservanza, a former psychiatric hospital among the most important in Italy, was built in the late nineteenth century and is made up of several pavilions and a park of centennial trees, which make it a truly unique complex. In recent years it has been the subject of an urban renewal project, partly funded by the Emilia-Romagna Region, that includes infrastructure works, underground utilities, redevelopment of the park with lighting and furnishings, and the overall arrangement of roads and bike paths. The first renovations of existing buildings have also begun.
On June 2, 2016, the complex has been inaugurated and opened to the city’s inhabitants.
There is currently a campaign promoting the property, also on a supranational scale, aimed both towards the arrangement of portions of the complex, and towards any integral solution projects related to a single renewal and use project.
Possible uses identified as of today: university campus, addition of residences for elderly cohousing, social housing, other projects that take advantage of the connections with the best of the local territory and its proximity to the most important Italian cities.