New virtuoses convergences

A new building in the historic downtown of Sesto SG, with apartments in Cooperative and facilities to public service.

The project was made possible thanks to the sinergy among 3 differents Companies:

The historical Society of Mutual Aid, which  donate the building area with the aim to renovate its ancient tradition of service to its community

The no-profit foundation Fondazione La Pelucca Onlus, which sphere of activity  is the management of facilities and services for seniors on its area, that was the beneficiary of the donation and  the promoter of the whole project

The Uniabita Cooperative, who accepted the challenge and builded this multi-purposes building, partly private, with 4 storey of apartments  and 2 storey of garage, and partly to public service with a outpatients clinic and a museum of the Society of Mutual Aid on groundfloor, and 7 sheltered small apartments for seniors  on first floor. With regard to the energy performance the building is certified on class A, with centralized heathing system supplied by district heating, with own management of each apartment. The building is also equipped with a photovoltaic system. The design of the structure is simple but not banal, well inserted in its environment, modern and coherent with the new way of live.