The Darsena of the city is a former industrial/harbour area of about 136 ha, enclosed in the urban framework with features of marginality, degrade and lack of services. The project, “Ravenna in Darsena il mare in Piazza” is relative to the urban regeneration of the right side of the river and is composed of an organic group of interventions, strategically finalized to the beginning of the more complex urban regeneration/conversion, founded on the idea of creating a unique territorial system from the city to the sea. The area, that faces the last part of the harbour river, for a lenght of about 1,7 km, is close to the city center, identify with the main square, and therefore have a strategic location in the city; it has and a potential role of link between the sea and the city center (square); role that is nowaday forbidden by the train station that act as a barrier.

The proposed interventions are part of the execution of the Piano Operativo Comunale (POC) „Darsena di città“, edited on the basis of an distinctively participative path approved on the 05/02/2015, in continuity with the intervention already realised thanks to the public Programmes: of Riqualificazione Urbana (PRU); Speciale d’Area del Porto (PSdA); of Riqualificazione Urbana e Sviluppo Sostenibile del Territorio (PRUSST); Innovativo in Ambito Urbano (PIAU).

The Project wants to activate a process of social innovation in order to create a district which is „advanced under every profile (environmental, social, technologic),a district 0-24 (safe, participative, attractive), where people have a participative role (sharing economy); an ideal environment also for the so-called Millennials“. To that purpose are decisive the following lines of action followed up in the project;  Safe and growing Darsena (Interventions 6 and 7); Darsena alive and wirh more services(Interventions 8, 9 , 10, 11 and 12).