Ospitalità Solidale and Foyer di Via Cenni, two inclusive housing projects to encourage co-operative lifestyle starting from an answer to young people’s housing need in Milan

Ospitalità Solidale, supported by the Municipality of Milan and managed by DAR=CASA with Arci Milano and Comunità Progetto, included the renovation of 24 mini-flats in two public neighbourhoods. The project is addressed to young people who study or have a temporary work. On one hand young inhabitants pay a low rent and on the other hand they are involved in voluntary work in their neighbourhood, especially in common spaces renovated and animated through the project.

Foyer di Via Cenni, planned with FHS, is a co-housing project dedicated to young people who are looking for an affordable accommodation and a collaborative housing solution. The project consists of 5 big flats for 27 beds with a number of common spaces in total located in Cenni di Cambiamento. Young inhabitants are involved in participatory processes to define cohabitation rules, common spaces’ uses and some management aspects of the project.