Contest of ideas for a Passive House construction work with high social value in Budoia (Pordenone – Italy)

Passive House standards and cohousing  are key words within the realm of sustainable housing. By taking inspiration from land-use planning regulations, which call for sustainable urban growth, low-impact interventions should always be preferred when starting construction works in unused urban areas.
Successful examples have been showcased in a series of conferences and a contest of ideas was launched for a new social development in the town of Budoia  housing 70 up to 100 people. The area foreseen for the new housing complex also features the Santa Lucia train station, which was recently restored, and a bikeway which stretches along the foothills and which is part of the regional and national bikeway network.
Retrofitting in Budoia, a small rural town of about 2,500 inhabitants, should take account of depopulation trends by improving existing services and offering new ones. High quality of life, an efficient transport system, teleworking, coworking and new technologies are essential to attract people to small, yet with huge potential, communities like Budoia itself.