The 25th of October 2017 the document “Ancona 2025” has been delivered to the citizens of Ancona. This document is the result of the strategic plan process began in December 2014 and based on the guidelines identified by the Municipality Council.

The participated process didn’t just focus on the priority of the intervention, but it did much more: it has set in motion an unaware and contagious flux of action and functioning. Up from the recovery of the town-sea connection, this process gave to those who have the power to make changes a precious new point of view to act also to other areas of the city (countryside, suburbs, etc.).

What is in the core of the future vision of Ancona is the sea, and the many different declinations that it implies from an urban, social, economic and cultural point of view. The vision of Ancona “seaside city” is translated into three macro-strategies: Ancona Harbour City, Ancona Capital City and Ancona City of the Mole.

These strategies will “land” on the city with five big projects in the strategic plan, between land and sea. These projects have already been started and they have a verified economic coverings.

There are five urban rooms that follow each other along the sea-town zip, from the old port to the north boardwalk:

  1. the noth boardwalk;
  2. the north palombella-archi entrance;
  3. the mole;
  4. the sea to sea walk;
  5. the old port.

The three topics that rule the design decisions of the five rooms:

  1. sustainable mobility;
  2. urban regeneration;
  3. the new public space’s qualities.