Touristic Enhancement of the path between the coastline and the historic centre of the city: from the Stazione Marittima to Piazza Caricamento through caruggi and squares.

After centuries of close relationship between Genova and its sea, from the 19th century there has been a breaking which is necessary to heal: with structural intervention and urban decor projects, to improve and increment tourism in the area.
There is a “real” path which extreme poles are the Stazione Marittima and the Porto Antico, already enhanced in its value but upon which there are still necessary interventions to increase the integration with the historic centre.
It is possible to create several paths, but one is particularly rich of interesting monuments, providing a starting point to reflect and suggest structural intervention. Along the line of the coast, after crossing the Hennebique Area, former location of silos for grain, for which there are already several important projects, we can find the Galata Museum and Calata Vignoso, and then the first important access to the historic centre, with Piazza dello Statuto, where the historic market should be improved, also through a reconversion.
From here it is possible to access the Prè and the Maddalena areas, historical areas full of monuments  which need to be considered as a starting point for a new development that looks to the coast line and the Porto Antico. Important intervention of radical restyling, as in the Hennebique area, Piazza dello Statuto and Piazza Caricamento, but also simple intervention of urban decor, renovation and creation of new elements are to be located in the small squares located around the path: Piazza delle Vigne, Piazza Campetto, Piazza Giustiniani until Piazza delle Erbe, already subject of an important renovation in the beginning of the 21st century and still growing today, thanks to intervention of urban decor and restoration of the existing monuments. It is necessary to think of projects for the creation of scenographic lighting, terracing which, properly furnished, could host cultural initiatives able to attract young and elderly people, temporary artistic exhibitions and captivating signage.