Laboratorio Nazionale over Urban Renovation. Good practices 2018

Experiences from the territories

The Laboratorio Nazionale over Urban Renovation was born in May 2016, following the underwriting of a deal, the Protocollo d’intesa, between Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia and the ANCI (National Association of Italian’s Municipalities) for promotion of the social and economic regeneration of urban areas.
The Laboratorio Nazionale is intended as a space for confrontation and analysis between the local associations Confcommercio and local public Administrations, under the coordination of the Urban Planning department of the national department of Confcommercio. The goal is the diffusion of good practises between territories which, by participating in the experimentation, signed local deals to start shared initiatives in order to achieve: Urban regeneration of cities, making a difference on the urban planning tools and norms; introduction of fiscal measurements; building of partnership for the realization of projects using national and European resources; creation of professional figures able to manage the participated process of urban regeneration.
This year a practical phase of the experimentation started, which developed into 4 thematic meetings in which several factors contributing to process of urban regeneration has been deepened: commerce, innovation, sport, culture, tourism and reuse of dismissed spaces. In Urbanpromo this year will be show the best practices developed from the Sistema Confcommercio. The Laboratorio 2018 actively involved several local operators from all the national territory, and it has been linked together with the roadshow about policies and European financing, promoted by the Confcommercio delegation at the EU.