Lacittàintorno is an interdisciplinary 3-years program of Fondazione Cariplo, dedicated to the urban regeneration and focused on suburbs transformation, starting from Milan, to improve the welfare and quality of life in the cities.
Lacittàintorno aims to give a new space, starting from unused places, to ideas, networks, relationships, cultures, economies. The program is based upon the collaboration and involvement of all citizens, institutions, associations and all who want to be active part of the creation of a new cultural, economic and social map. We want to offer new opportunities and connections, increase the aggregative and welfare possibilities. A new challenge to face together, to make the city even closer to everyone’s needs.
An ambitious challenge, which started in October 2017 in Milan, from some “test” districts: Adriano, Via Padova and Corvetto/Chiaravalle, in the North-East and South-East part of the city. In those areas, where there are many problems but also a rich framework of associations, social cooperatives and group of private citizens, Lacittàintorno brought research, interventions in the schools, active citizenship programs and cultural activities, relational art, laboratories and debates. All of this to enhance the opportunities, promote the active participation of the communities in the development of the areas and “turn on the lights” on the “suburban districts” inside the urban context.
Centre of the program are the “Puntidicomunità”, open and plural gravity centres, where people can meet, access services and participate to cultural activities, initiatives for social aggregation, education, focusing on work and active citizenship. Those are multi-functional places in which it is possible to develop and offer cultural, social and sharing activities.