Fondo Immobiliare di Lombardia: towards young people and other Municipalities

InvestiRE SGR is a primary independent operator for managed savings, specialized in the enhancement of value for real estate in different segment of the market. With a total asset under management of about 7 billion Euro, it is the point of reference of all the institutional and private investors, in particular way in the field of social housing, being the first operator on a national level.
In the Lombardia Region, InvestiRE acts through the FIL (Fondo Immobiliare di Lombardia) which is an investment fund only for qualified investors, operating in the housing market.
The fund wants to realize Social Housing intervention, defined as both housing units and services, actions and instruments for those who cannot access the free market for their housing needs.

Residenza Universitaria Convenzionata – Innovazione

the initiative consists of the realisation of a new student housing project in the “zona Bicocca”. The area of the project is about 1.080 m² and will be almost entirely covered by the new building. The building will be aligned on the street front, composed by only one main body, a tower, in which centre will be located two stairs, the elevators and the columns for the plants’ distribution. The housing and the rooms, for a total of 390 bed places, will be located from P1 to P15, distributed on the margin of the typical floor around the central service area, for a total of 161 housing units, of which 36 single rooms, 56 double rooms, 17 apartments for two co-tenants and 52 apartments for four co-tenants.
The building is composed by 16 storeys out of the ground and 2 underground levels for a total of 18 built levels. On the ground floor, there will be a unique main entrance, distribution spaces, technical rooms and big service spaces: a reception, study rooms, etc… on the first floor below the ground there will be more recreational and service spaces: common kitchen, lunch room, recreational rooms, gym, laundry, etc…, on the second level below the ground there will be technical spaces.
The building is created as a bearing frame structure, closed with brickwork, with exterior finishing in light colors; the two side-facades will be made of frosted glass, transparent glass and glass back-varnished in light colors.

Residenza Universitaria Convenzionata – Monneret de Villard
Campus Monneret is a new student-housing complex, resulted from the restoration of a guest-house for students and workers historically owned by Fondazione Cariplo. The project has been promoted by Fondazione Housing Sociale, developed in collaboration with Investire SGR spa and the Municipality of Milano, with whom has been subscribed an agreement. The initiative obtained a co-financing from the Ministero dell’Istruzione dell’Università e della Ricerca (Minister of Education, University and Research) as described in the L. n. 338/2000. The building provides 137 apartments for a total of 268 possible inhabitants to stay in Milano with a lower fee than the free market. The intervention is dedicated to students, teachers and workers that are struggling to find a temporary solution to stay in the city for short or long time. More than the single housing units, there are also many services available: common spaces, like the study room, a relax/lunch room, the gym, the common kitchen, the large entrance furnished with sits equipped for internet connection. Excellence point of the initiative is the quality of the restoration, from a building construction point of view, the finishing, the furniture and the distribution of the spaces. The restoration of the existing building, partially already made for this function, led to the design of temporary housing solution of high quality with a limited cost. There are many different proposed solutions: from the single room, the double one, apartments with different rooms combination, all provided with study spaces. The Campus is located in a strategic position related to the University pole Città Studi, and is well served by the public transportation to reach the centre of the city and other points of interest, since it is close by the train station and the metro station of Lambrate.

CasaCrema+, Crema
Is a social housing project promoted by InvestiRE in collaboration with the Fondazione Housing Sociale.
The intervention is located in an area of expansion for the city, in the Sabbioni area, intended to offer apartment for low rent to those who cannot access the free market for their housing need, but also to spread a culture of sustainable and supportive housing. The intervention, entirely in energetic class A, consists in 90 housing units and 97 parking places; a nursery school has been realized inside the area to serve the community.